Salvage and recovery projects

NIKU can assist with knowledge of emergency treatment for wet, sooty and dirty items of cultural heritage.

NIKU is competent at salvaging residual values in cases of extreme events that entail loss or decay of cultural heritage, art or other valuable fixtures.

Events such as fire or floods, smoldering fires or faulty sprinkler systems can do great damage to both buildings, interiors, and other loose fixtures. NIKU has knowledge and experience with preventive crisis work, emergency management and mitigation measures. In these situations we collaborate with fire- and rescue services, as well as other agencies.

Knowledge of emergency treatment, salvage and recovery (of cultural heritage)

Members of the NIKU staff are certified coordinators of salvage and recovery projects involving important and delicate articles of various materials. We assist with emergency treatment advice for wet, sooty and dirty items as well as older buildings.

Quick and appropriate action after an accident with greater material damages to construction and household contents will minimize the extent of mold, drying and material damage. By promptly treating damaged articles, we contribute to keeping as much of the interiors and original surfaces in older buildings as possible after an undesired event.


Water damageWater damage to a painting at Leangen Gård
restverdiredning av kunst
Fire damageArt and other objects can be greatly damaged by smoke. NIKU can assist with restoration. Image from museum object evacuation drill.

What do we offer?

  • Assistance with RVA-analyses (Risk and vulnerability analyses): We conduct assessments and internal prioritization of inventory or collections. These may include churches, heritage listed buildings and other cultural monuments such as museums and galleries.
  • Scenario training: We can train for various scenarios with the involved parties and assist with advice regarding necessary on-site preparations. Such training creates invaluable networks and dialogues if an accident occurs.
  • Telephone assistance during a crisis: In cases of fire, flooding, faulty sprinkler systems or other events that lead to damage to buildings and/or household contents, we can assist during the first critical time after the incident via telephone or SMS.
  • Coordination of salvage work and logistics: As soon as we have occasion and capacity, we can be on-site to coordinate the work in terms of necessary registrations, documentation, condition assessment, drying and packing. We also assist with the necessary logistics when evacuating a larger amount of fragile and valuable articles.
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Nina Kjølsen Jernæs can assist with damaged art or cultural heritage



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