Wall-mounted décor

Wall-mounted décor and older wallpaper have to be pro-actively maintained to preserve their cultural historical, aesthetic and financial value.

The establishment of good preservation environments and careful treatment are of crucial importance when it comes to ensuring long lifetimes and value.

Private and public owners of historical interiors will find in NIKU a unique combination of advanced conservation expertise, methods and technology. This applies to the treatment of both general deterioration and more complicated damage, as well as restoring the original use of colour and décor.

NIKU possesses wide-ranging expertise within painted interiors and façades, including wallpaper. We can offer treatment assessments and quotes for large projects, advice on cleaning and environment, and building and colour history surveys.

Some of the more specific treatment measures NIKU can provide include reattaching loose paint, repairing holes and tears, and retouching. NIKU also protects residual value and repairs damage in the event of fires, water leaks, etc.

The institute also possesses wide-ranging research expertise in this area and has both a national and international network which researches historical materials and methods.


NIKU’s independence ensures our customers an impartial assessment of its general condition, the scope of damage and the need for treatment. As a professional service provider NIKU has established strict guidelines for the preservation of customer confidentiality.

NIKU’s conservators are all members of the Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF-N) and comply with the association’s professional standards.

Tone Marie Olstad

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Tone Marie Olstad is a senior paintings conservator and researcher at NIKU.