Bebudelse. Detalj fra Madonnaskap fra Fet. Foto: Elisabeth Andersen.
Annunciation Detail from the Madonna Tabernacle from Fet. Photo: Elisabeth Andersen.

Madonna Tabernacles in Europe from ca. 1150 – ca. 1350

Wooden Madonna tabernacles from c.1150-c.1350 are today scarce, and it is, therefore, difficult to get a complete understanding of their original appearance and variations.

Nevertheless, there are still preserved 17 Madonna tabernacles, or substantial fragments of them in Scandinavia, which can give us a picture of the variety of appearance and form these large tabernacles had in this period. There are also at least 12 tabernacles preserved from c. 1150-c. 1350 in Southern Europe; nine from Spain and three in Italy.

In this project, I will explore the form and Iconography of these Madonna tabernacles in open and closed position.

An often-neglected aspect of these tabernacles is their appearance in the closed position; What type of decorations or motives do we find on the exterior? Can a closer examination of the exterior of these tabernacles provide more understanding of their function and later development? And is there a difference between a closed Madonna tabernacle and a closed tabernacle of another saint?

In what way and why do the tabernacles changes in the second half of the of 14th century?

Project leader: Elisabeth Andersen  Publications from this project

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Visitasjon. Detalj fra Madonnaskapet fra Røldal ca. 1250. Foto: Elisabeth Andersen.
Visitation Detail fra Madonnaskapet fra Røldal ca. 1250. Photo: Elisabeth Andersen.
Madonna Tabernacle from Santo Domingo, ca. 1300. MFM. Photo: F. Berg.
Santo Domingo Madonna Tabernacle from Santo Domingo, ca. 1300. MFM. Photo: F. Berg.
Madonnaskap fra Fröskog kirke ca. 1250-1350, senere overmalt. I dag på Historiska Museet i Stockholm. Foto: Elisabeth Andersen
Madonna Tabernacle Tabernacle from Fröskog church ca. 1250-1350, later over painted. Can be seen today at the Historical Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: Elisabeth Andersen