A wide-ranging combination of archaeologists, ethnologists, architects, art historians and geographers contribute to high quality, relevant assessments.

Our staff have experience of multidisciplinary teamwork and seek to maintain a close dialogue with our customers during such processes. We have nationwide experience and have also carried out international projects and assignments linked to planning. We can also assist with planning and implementation consulting services in planning, based on various methods and procedures.

Environmental impact assessments
Larger development projects require studies of the consequences for cultural environments. Environmental impact assessments (EIA) should identify affected cultural heritage sites and cultural environments, and assess their value. The studies should point out potential conflicts in relation to planned developments and look at the opportunities for remedial measures.

NIKU’s staff have long and varied experience of environmental impact assessments, both nationally and internationally. NIKU aims to ensure environmental impact assessments are carried out in as cost-effective a manner as possible for our customers. Our staff work on the basis of the ‘good enough’ principle to describe environmental consequences and propose the best alternatives. Identifying cultural heritage sites of value early on in a project enables us to reduce the total resources expended and provide more optimal solutions for customers.

NIKU carries out environmental impact assessments associated with, for example, hydropower and wind power, public infrastructure (road and rail), municipal master plans, soil extraction sites, and other commercial activities. We also have experience of value and vulnerability assessments and strategic environmental impact assessments (scoping).

Landscape and heritage site analysis (DIVE)
Landscape or heritage site analyses are often used as a basis for municipal land-use planning and as part of local community development. Our staff can assist with landscape analyses, cultural-historical heritage site analyses, and facilitating and implementing consulting services.

We employ a number of approaches in landscape analyses, including using the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Directorate for Nature Management’s manual for landscape analysis, GIS and historical maps. NIKU possesses cutting edge expertise in this based on the research the institute carries out in relation to landscapes.

Other planning related services – management plans and value assessments
We have both expertise in and experience of helping owners, public authorities and developers with assessing cultural heritage sites, for example in relation to the concrete development or restoration projects. Such projects can encompass both historical descriptions, condition assessments and proposals for protection and use strategies.

Our staff also have experience of producing management and care plans and have special expertise in archaeological cultural heritage sites and cultural environments.