Call for Papers Critical Digital Heritage 2020

Critical Digital Heritage 2020: Call for Papers

We urge contributors to demonstrate how the sessions’ topics may be discussed through a variety of methods and theoretical approaches from different disciplines.

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Call for papers: The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) and partners are pleased to announce the conference “Critical Digital Heritage 2020”, to be held at Gamle Museet in Oslo 27th-28th of May 2020.

The CDH2020 conference aims to address digital heritage from several perspectives.

We will discuss the methodological and technological state-of-the-art concerning data acquisition, documentation, visualisation, and communication of digital cultural heritage and investigate which new opportunities open up through digital cultural heritage.

At the same time, the conference will apply a critical perspective to digital heritage and ask how digitisation affects the way we perceive, valuate and share cultural heritage.

The conference is divided into four sessions:

  1. Digital heritage methodologies
  2. Heritage communication, museums and the storytelling of the digital
  3. People-centred digital heritage
  4. Digital heritage management


Call for papers – Format

The conference will include paper presentations and digital posters. Presentations will be given in English, and each speaker will have 20 minutes at their disposal plus additional time for discussion.

Instead of conventional posters, we welcome “posters” in a digital format, e.g. videos, slide shows, 3D visualisations etc. Creative takes on the digital poster format are encouraged.

All proposals should include the author’s name, affiliation, address, a brief autobiography/CV and an abstract of approximately 200-300 words.

Proposals should be sent to before January 12th, 2020. Proposals will be reviewed by the session organisers.

Read the full Call for papers-text here (PDF)