Therese Edman

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  • Arkeolog

Phonenumber: 23355041/ 97740510


  • Archaeology

Therese Marie Edman is an archaeologist and is working on the use of digital documentation in archaeological excavations. Her main field is the use of GIS and Intrasis, but she is also looking into the possibilities that lie in the use of photogrammetry and laser scanning on medieval excavations.

She has a master’s degree in archaeology from the University of Oslo, where her focus was on the preconditions for the urbanization of the Oslo-area in the Viking and early medieval periods. Since then she has worked as a field archaeologist at several museums and counties, as well as NIKU’s excavations in Oslo in 2013 and 2014. In addition to this she has taken further education in GIS-systems.

Her field is the Viking and early medieval periods, and her particular interest is field documentation and how this can become a good tool for use in both research and heritage management.

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