Wooden building NIKU's archaeologists remove a medieval wooden building from the route of the Follo Line railway

The Follo Line Project

The new Follo Line railway between Oslo and Ski will go through the remains of Oslo’s medieval town, in an area dominated by railway infrastructure since the 1870s. From 2013 to 2018, NIKU’s archaeologists investigated the route in preparation of the forthcoming construction of the railway culvert.

The archaeological investigations were the biggest in Oslo’s medieval town for over a hundred years, and revealed a large number of buildings, streets, and other infrastructure such as wells, drainage systems, traces of farmland, and property divisions – as well as thousands of artefacts.

NIKU is still carrying out other, smaller archaeological investigations related to the Follo Line project, outside of the main route of the railway culvert.

NIKU’s post-excavation work in connection with the Follo Line project is scheduled to continue into 2021.

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    In progress
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    Bane NOR

Latest news

Rare rune finds in Oslo

In the last week before Christmas two runic inscriptions were unearthed during excavations in Oslo’s old town. One inscription is carved on bone and this is the first bone with runes found in Oslo in more than forty years. The second is carved on wood and contains a religious text in both Norse and Latin.

Men det er ikke bare en grav, det er det som er så spesielt med den her har det vært tre individer som har vært gravlagt i samme veldig smale grav.

Mass grave mystery in Oslo

NIKU's archaeologists have made an exciting find in Oslo - a grave containing three individuals displaying weapon cuts to the head and neck. The individuals may have been combatants in Norway’s civil war (1130-1240).