NIKU's High North department is based in Tromsø. We conduct research and studies in the field of cultural heritage and landscapes, communities and indigenous peoples in the High North and Polar regions.

Our research projects are related to cultural heritage monitoring, registration and documentation of traditional knowledge and cultural heritage.

We contribute with research that is relevant to cultural heritage management and social development.

We develop and use GIS-based methods for documentation and presentation of indigenous traditional knowledge and landscape use.

The office has extensive experience as a supplier of expert advice to private and public actors.

The Northern Area Department is located in the  FRAM – Northern Area Center for Climate and Environmental Research Office, an association of 19 institutions that conduct interdisciplinary research collaboration.

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Alma Thuestad

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Alma Thuestad is the Head of Departement in the High North office




003076_Baard Loeken_www.nordnorge.com_Harstad - WWII

WWII heritage in Arctic Europe

The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Research (NIKU) is working on a research programme on World War II heritage, with a special focus on the northern and Arctic areas.