Our focus is on cultural heritage as an asset for society. We work within scales spanning from entire landscapes and cities to individual buildings and objects.

We work nationally and internationally with public authorities, other research institutions, international organisations, private enterprises and NGOs within a variety of fields such as:

  • Archaeological investigations.
  • History, conservation and adaptation of historic buildings.
  • Conservation.
  • Cultural heritage and climate change.
  • Cultural heritage and urban development.
  • Historic landscapes and environments.
  • Polar Regions and Indigenous people.
  • Technology intensive methods and tools for the support of research and management.
  • Heritage management as a means of pursuing wider goals for society.

NIKU’s professional staff consists of conservators, archaeologists, architects, engineers, geographers, ethnologists, social scientists, art historians, researchers and advisors with special competencies in cultural heritage management and preservation.

NIKU is based in Oslo and has regional offices in Bergen, Trondheim, Tønsberg and Tromsø. The staff counts approximately 80 people.


Strategy 2018-2023

NIKU’s European Strategy 2022-2026