Lars Haugesten

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog

Phonenumber: 46427826


  • Archaeology

Lars Haugesten is an archaeologist and works for NIKU in Tønsberg. He worked on NIKU’s Follo Project in 2014. From August 2015, Lars was the field supervisor for the Anders Madsen’s Gate-project in Tønsberg, and since the project’s conclusion he has worked on other smaller projects. His qualifications include a Bachelor’s in Archaeology from the University of Oslo and a Master’s degree in Archaeology from the University of Copenhagen.

After graduating in 2009, Lars worked at the Museum of Copenhagen, where he participated in the Metro Project and other smaller projects in central Copenhagen. He has also worked for other Danish museums, amongst other things as field supervisor for the Lolland-Falster Museum’s tunnel project between Denmark and Germany.

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