Egil Lindhart Bauer

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  • Archaeology

Egil Lindhart Bauer is researcher and office manager for the archaeology department’s Oslo office. As office manager, he coordinates the project leaders for the archaeological monitoring and excavation activity in the medieval part of Oslo.

Bauer has an MA from the University of Oslo, where he wrote his thesis on the church topography in medieval Iceland. He supplemented his master’s studies with specialization in building archaeology and historical archaeology at Lund University. In addition, his range of subjects includes history, history of religion, Medieval Latin, and art history, including Christian iconography from The Norwegian Institute in Rome.

Bauer has broad experience from large archaeological projects. Since he started in NIKU in 2014, he has supervised several of the largest excavation projects in the medieval part of Oslo, related to the Follo Line. From 2011 to 2014 he was excavation supervisor in the Avaldsnes Royal Manor Project run by the Museum of Cultural History, and for four seasons he worked in the Hólar Project in northern Iceland.

Bauer’s interests and areas of competence include the Nordic Middle Ages, historical archaeology, churches, interaction between medieval royal and episcopal power, building archaeology, and communication of archaeology to both young and old. His latest research deals with stone buildings and naming conventions for urban tenement plots in medieval Oslo.

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