The Edøy Ship

The Edøy Ship

A high-resolution georadar has detected traces of a ship burial and a settlement that probably dates to the Merovingian or Viking Period at Edøy in Møre and Romsdal County in Norway.

The discoveries were made by archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU).

The archaeological prospection approach using large-scale high-resolution georadar measurements was developed by the LBI ArchPro research institute and its partners, including NIKU, using technology from Guideline Geo.

As with the find at Gjellestad in 2018, the remains of the ship are located just below the top soil in an area where there was previously a burial mound. The burial mound appears as a marked circle some 18 metres in diameter in the georadar data. In the middle of the mound, archaeologists can see a 13 metre long keel, and hints of the first two strakes on each side of the keel.

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Project leader: Manuel Gabler

For the press: Thomas Wrigglesworth tlf +47 95877882 or eller Knut Paasche +4799511510



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