Likneset, Svalbard Excavation at Likneset in 2019. Photo: Lise Loktu ©The governor of Svalbard.

Adressing knowledge gaps in Svalbard’s cultural heritage

In recent years, major knowledge gaps have been identified in relation to Svalbard’s cultural heritage, both in terms of environmental monitoring and cultural-historical knowledge production.

This project will contribute to these gaps by developing networks, articles and closer cooperation between researchers and management.

Project leader Lise Loktu has extensive experience as an archaeologist for the Governor of Svalbard (2016-2022). She will address some of these knowledge gaps by presenting the results of her excavation projects in Svalbard, as well as how to develop research activities in Svalbard.

The research team will also be discussed at the Svalbard Archaeological Symposium in October 2023, to which Loktu is a major contributor.

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