Vibeke Vandrup Martens

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Phonenumber: 92466628


  • Archaeology

Vibeke Vandrup Martens is an archaeologist and a researcher (Forsker II) and has worked at NIKU since 2006.

Her research focuses on preservation conditions for archaeological deposits, geoarchaeology and in situ preservation. She has a PhD in geoarchaeology from the VU University of Amsterdam, and she has worked in the research projects ”Archaeological Deposits in a Changing Climate. In Situ Preservation of Farm Mounds in Northern Norway” (InSituFarms) and “In Situ Site Preservation of Archaeological Remains in the Unsaturated Zone” (In Situ SIS). Martens carries out environmental monitoring projects both within and outside the urban areas and conducts archaeological excavations in the medieval towns.

Her present work focus is the impact of climate change on preservation conditions for cultural heritage, leading the interdisciplinary research project CULTCOAST (financed by the MILJØFORSK environmental research programme at the Research Council of Norway).

Martens has published papers on deposit monitoring, rural medieval settlements and on medieval pottery. She is an active participant at international archaeological conferences, and she holds a position in the editorial board of Collegium Medievale.

Martens holds master’s degrees in medieval archaeology from the University of Lund (Sweden) and Aarhus University (Denmark). Her work experience as an archaeologist, curator and researcher comes from the Museum of Cultural History in Lund, the Copenhagen City Museum, the Government of Åland, the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo and Vestfold County Archeology.

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