Nina Kjølsen Jernæs

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Phonenumber: 41411353


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Nina Kjølsen Jernæs is a paintings conservator NKF-N and has worked at NIKU since 2008.

Jernæs’ main areas of work are examination, condition assessment, and conservation of paintings on canvas, panel, and polychrome sculpture, with focus on art and interiors in churches. At NIKU Jernæs has been project manager for a number of projects of variable size. Jernæs most often works on projects where the employers are the Directorate for Cultural Heritage or private owners.

Jernæs received a master degree in art conservation from the University in Oslo in 2008. The last semester was undertaken at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
Within her MA study and in later works Jernæs has focused on paintings with the motif “The Passion Clock”, a Scandinavian 18th century phenomenon that is found in a number of churches and in private collections.