Michael Derrick

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  • Researcher

E-mail: michael.derrick@niku.no

  • Archaeology

Michael Derrick is a researcher at NIKU, where he has been employed since 2011.

He obtained a BSc (hons) in archaeology from Glasgow University in 1990 before collecting an MA in Landscape Archaeology from Leicester University in 1992.

He worked for 12 years as an urban archaeologist in Leicester, where he also formed a band which were signed to various record labels and toured both Europe and USA.

He has been involved in various international projects such as the search for early hominids at Niah caves in Borneo and the Forum excavations for the British School in Rome. His heart however lies firmly in the medieval world. He moved to Norway in 2003 where he has worked for the Norwegian Maritime Museum, Museum og Cultural History, Akershus County Authority and NIKU.

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