Whaler's grave Documentation of preserved skeleton and textiles from a grave excavated at Likneset in 2019. Photo: Lise Loktu ©The governor of Svalbard.

Likneset – Investigations of climate change and degradation of archaeological cultural environments in Svalbard

This project uses archaeological finds from Svalbard’s largest burial site, Likneset, to investigate the degradation of the archaeological cultural environment in Svalbard.

The aim is to document whether there has been increased degradation of whalers’ graves from the 1600-1700s as a result of climate change over the last 30 years.

This will be done by analysing well-preserved skeletons excavated at Likneset in the 1980s and comparing them with recently excavated skeletons from the same site.

The project will activate and disseminate a unique archaeological resource that has been little used as a source of knowledge.

In addition to the project leader Lise Loktu at NIKU, Elin T. Brødholt will assist with the osteological analyses.

  • Status
    In progress
  • Client
    Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund
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