GREENGROWTH Photo: Paul Sableman via Wikimedia Commons. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.

GREENGROWTH, Green growth and Sami Stakeholders. Public debate on Green resource extraction in Sápmi

The interdisciplinary research project GREENGROWTH will study and compare the positions the Sámi actors and stakeholders occupy and are attributed in the public debate on the Green transition and Green mining.

The Sámi areas face two major challenges: a growing need for minerals and energy to sustain the current lifestyles and industrial growth, and an ever-increasing need to deal with climate change.

We will shed light on how Sámi actors speak up and gain influence in the debate on environmental protection, “green” industry, and indigenous peoples’ policies, historically and today.

The project is led by Eli Skogerbø (UiO). Jukka Nyyssönen (NIKU) is in charge of WP3.

  • Status
    In progress
  • Client
    Research Council of Norway
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