Street art in Bergen Argus “Smiley” stencil. Source: Permission obtained from Argus/

Street art, heritage and urban space

In recent years, individual street artworks have been framed as cultural heritage. However, attempts to integrate street artworks and graffiti into formal heritage frameworks have not provided solutions to the philosophical and practical problems associated with their preservation. This research project aims to explore how one can preserve something that is a temporary art form and is illegally set up. Also, discuss who is entitled to take part in the conservation process.  The project investigates further the relationship between street artworks, heritage and urban space. The research conceptualizes street art as heritage in relation to the notions of affect, performativity and everyday practice  and explores such aspects as memory, place identity, belonging, social inclusion/exclusion, power and temporarily.

The main focus of the analysis is based on qualitative methods such as interviews, discourse analysis, observations and everyday practice. Various empirical examples are used from Norway, but also from other countries.

Project leader: Laima Nomeikaite

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