Elgeseter Priory

On behalf of the municipality of Trondheim, NIKU will in the May-September 2019 carry out archaeological investigations in Klostergata, in the location of the medieval Elgeseter Priory.

The surveys are being carried out in as Klostergata is under upgrading with new road construction and replacement of technical infrastructure. Theer will not be a complete excavation of the site but there will be examination of selected areas.

Traces of the Augustine monastery Elgeseter monastery have been identified in the area. The monastery is believed to have been founded in 1180, and was in use until it was destroyed in the second half of the 16th century.

In the surveys, archaeologists expect to find traces of the monastery, the church and the cemetery nearby, the monks’ garden, and also the transition between the monastery and the city. In addition, NIKU hopes to find traces of settlement from both the Viking and the Merovingian periods in the area.

NIKU Trondheim is responsible for the excavation, and a team of six archaeologists are working on the excavation. The excavation is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019.


  • Status
    In progress
  • Client
    Trondheim kommune
  • Time
    Mai-september 2019

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