"Kamyren" in Moss The source of the famous "mosselukta" - the smell of cellulose processing.

Sustainable adaptation – resilience in urban regeneration [ADAPT]

Urban transformation represents challenges as well as possibilities. Continued urban population growth, with increased demands for housing, workplaces, and infrastructure, and the resulting strain on resources and natural diversity, urges development of more climate friendly solutions.

Cultural heritage is an important component in urban development; it provides character and a sense of place to the city. An adaptive reuse of heritage could also contribute to environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Hence, the overall aim of ADAPT is to explore how industrial heritage can be adapted to achieve sustainable climate friendly solutions.

The project is organised around an in-depth analysis of two large on-going regeneration projects on former industrial sites (Klosterøya and Verket) in the historic towns of Skien and Moss, Norway.

Project Manager: Grete Swensen

  • Status
    In progress
  • Financed by
    MILJØFORSK - The Research Council of Norway