What is laser scanning?

A laser scanner is an instrument that can send out hundreds of thousands of laser beams per second. The laser beams are reflected in objects around the scanner, measuring the distance and direction of the object.

In this way, you can build up a three-dimensional representation of the scanned object in the form of a point cloud. Point clouds can be further processed to produce three-dimensional surfaces or correct measured lines.

Point clouds can also be used to visualize objects as animations or as the basis for further modeling.

Advantages of laser scanning

Laser scanning is a touch-free technology that does little to affect the object to be documented . Data collection is fast and therefore cost-effective.

The results are accurate. Since the data is linked to external landmarks, they are also verifiable.

What can be documented using laser scanning?

Objects of any size can be documented using this technology.

  • Large landscape room
  • Burial mounds
  • Buildings and ruins
  • Rock Art
  • Archaeological sites
  • Archaeological finds and objects