Vedaste Niyonsaba

  • PhD Research Fellow —
  • Stipendiat

Phonenumber: +4796819960


  • High North —
  • Nordområde

Vedaste Niyonsaba is a holistic socio-ecological researcher by training. He has extensive experience investigating societal matters spanning broad social, cultural, economic, and environmental sectors and driving sustainability.

He recently researched the role of stakeholders in agroforestry for restoration in Rwanda and the mobility of forest-dependent people and forest policy mechanisms in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Additionally, Vedaste co-led research on social, economic, environmental, and cultural sustainability aspects for the EU Loopholes Game Toolkit project.

Vedaste has also served farming communities through agricultural extension, consultancies, and research roles.

His work expands on applying research results to real-world businesses, benefiting various communities and indigenous people, enabling them to create wealth alternatives to the overexploitation of natural resources. For example, he has been advising value chains in sectors such as cocoa, coffee, and minerals.

From academic and industry-level research to applying their results to real-world profit and non-profit businesses, Vedaste also pursues various personal interests. These include playing guitar, traveling, socializing with colleagues, ice skating, hiking, and body training.

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