Rebecca Cannell

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  • Archaeology

Since receiving her BSc in Archaeology from University of York in 2001, Rebecca has worked in developer-led and research archaeology in the UK and Norway. She has a MSc in Archaeological Sciences from the University of Bradford and a PhD from Bournemouth University (2017), specialising in soils in archaeological contexts, particularly sampling and analysis.

Between 2017 and 2020, Rebecca was a post-doc at the University of Oslo, where she researched geoarchaeological approaches to burial mounds. From 2020 until joining NIKU in 2022, she worked as a soils researcher at NIBIO. Her interests centre on soils in archaeological contexts and human environmental interaction from both the natural sciences and the humanities, with a particular interest in the late Iron Age in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Rebecca has experience with site and soil formation processes in archaeological contexts, including sampling methods, coring, and analysis in developer-led excavations and research projects.

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