Paloma Guzman

  • Researcher

Phonenumber: +47 406 59 354


  • Digital Archaeology

Paloma Guzman holds a PhD from the Eindhoven Technical University in the Netherlands, a master’s degree on World Heritage Studies and a bachelor’s in architecture.

Her research field focuses on the integration of cultural heritage in sustainable development, particularly in urban contexts. She explores landscape-based conservation approaches to bridge interdisciplinary gaps to foster the resilience character of cultural heritage in sustainability agendas including climate change. Her current research targets the role of cultural heritage as a transformative agent for climate responses.

Her research interests include exploring systemic theoretical approaches to better understand heritage conservation within the sustainability paradigm. The applicability of her research focus for instance on using the historic urban landscape approach to better link heritage management and monitoring practices and their alignment with broader agendas such as urban development and climate action.

Paloma’s professional experience include the World Heritage Cities Program under the lead of Ron van Oers at UNESCO World Heritage Centre. She is also an active member of ICOMOS working group on heritage and climate change.

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