Ole Fredrik Unhammer

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog

Phonenumber: 99360680

E-mail: ole.unhammer@niku.no

  • Digital Archaeology —
  • Digital arkeologi

Ole Fredrik Unhammer is an archaeologist at NIKU. He has a MA from the University of Bergen with a focus on the application of digital photogrammetry as a tool for documentation and analysis of complex cave sites. He joined NIKUs Digital archaeology department in 2022 where he primarily works with geophysical surveying, digital documentation of cultural heritage sites and GIS.

Ole has previously worked for the Section for Cultural Heritage Management and the SapienCE centre at the University of Bergen. He is experienced in the excavation and documentation of stone age and iron age sites and 3D documentation of inscriptions and rock art.

In addition to working at NIKU Ole is a PhD Candidate at the SapienCE centre at the University of Bergen. Here he is working on site reconstruction using archival image data from a long running archaeological excavation.

Selected publications from Cristin: