Lena Stoveland

  • Paintings Conservator —
  • Researcher

E-mail: lena.stoveland@niku.no

  • Conservation

Lena Stoveland is a paintings conservator and researcher at NIKU. She has a PhD in paintings conservation (2021) from the University of Oslo exploring novel surface cleaning methods on mock-ups in the context of unvarnished oil paintings by Edvard Munch. At NIKU she has broadened her research area to the effects of indoor climate on the conservation of cultural heritage.

Lena has previously worked as team leader for a condition assessment and treatments (2017) of Munch’s monumental Aula paintings (1911–16), with artists’ interview (2018), as well as having teaching responsibilities (2021) in conservation studies at the University of Oslo.

Among Lena’s research interests are artists’ materials and techniques, conservation methods, preventive conservation, imaging techniques, and conservation theory. Her work is cross-disciplinary with aspects of art history and the materials sciences, and she enjoys collaborating with scholars and artisans from different fields.