Katharina Lorvik

Katharina Lorvik

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog

Phonenumber: 93204665

E-mail: katharina.lorvik@niku.no

  • Archaeology

Katharine Lorvik is an archaeologist who specialises in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis). She has worked at NIKU’s regional office in Bergen since 2008.

Lorvik’s main responsibilities include project planning and the execution of archaeological studies, skeletal analyses and the registration of cultural sites and monuments. She has experience of archaeological investigations and the recording of prehistoric and medieval findings, urban excavation, drilling in relation to environmental monitoring, investigations of cemeteries and the use of digital tools (GIS). Lorvik has worked on projects both in Norway and internationally.

She has an MA in Archaeology from the University of Bergen, which included a combination of courses in archaeology, cultural conservation and communication, and social anthropology. Lorvik specialised in osteoarchaeology and forensic archaeology at universities in Sweden and the UK.

Selected publications from Cristin: