Hilde Rigmor Amundsen

  • Archaeologist —
  • Researcher

Phonenumber: 23355061/ 97002244

E-mail: hilde.amundsen@niku.no

  • Built Heritage

Hilde Rigmor Amundsen is an archaeologist and researcher II, and has been employed at NIKU since 2007.

Amundsen has long experience with research on and management of archaeological cultural heritage, and has extensive experience in project management. She has worked as an archaeologist for more than 25 years, including as county archaeologist in Østfold and Hedmark Counties. Amundsen has been head of many archaeological registration-projects, such as «Regionfelt Østlandet, Gråfjell», Åmot, Hedmark (1999-2002) and «Aursjøprosjektet», Nesset, Møre-Romsdal and Lesja, Oppland (2006-2007).

She has experience with many types of cultural heritage remains as well as cultural environments from prehistoric periods, with Stone Age and Bronze Age as specialities, with emphasis on cultural heritage in the outfields. She have participated in excavations and monitoring in medieval towns, and also has experience with cultural heritage from historic times.

Her current research focus is primarily as manager of a research project funded by the Norwegian Research Council; «Cultural history, cultural heritage management and mediation in a South Sámi and Norse borderland» (2012-2015). She is participating in a network project between Sweden and Norway concerning cultural heritage of abandoned crofts; «Crofts at the border between history, archaeology and society”, financed by The Swedish National Heritage Board.

Amundsen has a master’s degree from the University of Oslo (1994) and a doctoral thesis (PhD) from the same University (2011). Her thesis deals with major cultural traditions and processes of cultural changes from the Early Neolithic to Pre-Roman Iron Age between the large lakes of Mjøsa and Femunden in Hedmark County.

Selected publications from Cristin: