Hanne Ekstrøm Jordahl

Hanne Ekstrøm Jordahl

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog —
  • Office Manager

Phonenumber: 90749169

E-mail: hanne.ekstrom.jordahl@niku.no

  • Archaeology

Hanne Ekstrøm Jordahl is an archaeologist specialising in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis) and works as Office Manager at NIKU’s regional office in Tønsberg, where she has been employed since 2007.

Ekstrøm has a cand. philol. (second cycle) degree and studied at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo. She also specialised in osteoarchaeology at the Osteoarchaeological Research Laboratory at Stockholm University. She has extensive archaeological experience from different types of archaeological investigations ranging from prehistoric to medieval and post-reformation cultural heritage sites.

Hanne’s spheres at NIKU include medieval towns and churches, church sites, monasteries and their cemeteries. She specialises in graves and burial customs spanning all eras, with a particular focus on unburnt human skeletal remains from the Middle Ages. She is responsible for project management/ excavation management, investigations, and osteoarchaeological analyses.

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