Cecilie Flyen

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Phonenumber: +47 971 83 297

E-mail: cecilie.flyen@niku.no

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Cecilie Flyen is a professional Architect and Researcher II at NIKU and is about to complete her PhD on climate adaptation in Norwegian municipalities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She has previously been a practicing architect for 11 years as well as researcher and senior researcher at SINTEF Byggforsk/SINTEF Community for 22 years.

Flyen is an experienced project manager and contributor on large and complex research projects (both national and international projects), and has a broad knowledge of research practice, such as qualitative case methodology, evaluation methodology, and climate and vulnerability analysis.

Flyen works in the following specialist fields within climate, environment, and architecture:

  • Climate adaptation, vulnerability to climate change in the built environment, climate adaptation of cultural heritage environments, climate behavior;
  • Building processes, decision-making processes, emission-free construction processes, planning and building legislation, municipal planning and building management, BIM and interaction, and architecture/building practices/aesthetics.

Selected publications from Cristin: