Anne Cathrine Flyen

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  • Researcher

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Anne-Cathrine Flyen is an architect and researcher. She has worked at NIKU since 2000, with a break in 2002-2007, when she worked for the Governor of Svalbard.

Flyen’s area of expertise is technical building preservation, including damage and condition assessments of buildings and structures, decay of structures and materials, climate-related damage, management of cultural heritage and cultural heritage preservation in polar regions. Flyen has wide experience in writing management plans for cultural heritage, especially for industrial heritage sites.

She has participated in a number of EU funded research projects on environmental monitoring and building damage, and has worked on large, interdisciplinary Norwegian projects. The latter have focused on cultural heritage sites and the environmental effects of wear and biological decay of cultural monuments.

Flyen has extensive experience in building research, and worked as a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Building Research (now SINTEF-Building and Infrastructure) from 1988-1994. She also has extensive experience in public cultural heritage preservation and management, including from Byantikvaren, Municipality of Oslo (1994-1998), the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (1998-2000) and the Governor of Svalbard (2002-2007). Flyen is trained as an architect at NTNU in Trondheim.