Ambjørg Reinsos

  • Archaeologist


  • Archaeology

Ambjørg Reinsnos has a cand. philol. degree in Medieval Archaeology from the University of Bergen, 2006. Her main thesis was on locks and keys from the Late Iron Age and the Middle Ages, focusing on both the practical and the symbolic role of the objects.

Reinsnos has formerly worked as a senior adviser in Vestland county council, performing varied tasks such as general case/project management, stone age surveys, ice path and field surveys in high mountain areas, dissemination of Rallarvegen (the 100-year-old transport road designed for the conveyance of men and materials during the building phase of the Oslo – Bergen Railway Line), assessment of applications for conservation of medieval ruins, and assessment of zoning plans and building applications in the central area of Bergen focusing on post-medieval cultural heritage.

She has extensive experience from archaeological fieldwork, from both field surveys and excavations conducted by various county councils and museums, and fieldwork from an earlier stint with NIKU.

Reinsnos has broad planning competence, having formerly worked as a project manager in a private consultancy company, producing zoning plans and environmental impact assessments.

Principal tasks in NIKU are general case management and implementation of archaeological investigations, primarily concerning medieval sites and monuments.