Paint your house with cod liver oil!

Helgeland Museum and the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research at the painting conservator Tone Olstad in collaboration with Vel Bevart! Arranged recently a tran painting workshop at Vega.

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The workshop that was held between  29.6- 1.7. 2016 opened with introductory lectures on paint and on cod liver oil as a method.

Thirteen enthusiastic participants spent the rest of the time on keen discussion and paint samples.

Test of different mixtures

In addition, a wall on a boathouse had three different layers. The samples were mounted outside and the wear of the different paint strokes will be assessed after one year.

There are several sources that mention the use of cod liver oil (tran in norwegian) along the coast. NIKU’s color survey on the Vega island in 2004-2006 covering about 100 buildings confirmed the use of cod liver oil  paint.

In the final report after the survey, NIKU will recommend that selected buildings should be  maintained with this traditional but unsual type of paint.

Test of mixturesDifferent types of cod liver oil tested in Vega

The goal is to make cod liver oil  paint more accessible

The workshop was part of the work of making cod liver oil paint easier for those who want to paint their house with this type of paint.

Among the participants was a representative from Jotun, from the directorate of cultural heritage, – and Ole Hamnes, – a cod liver oil producer from Leka.