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In Autumn 2016, NIKU launched its #instamuseum.

On our Instagram page, our archaeologists show off the latest finds. In addition, you can follow life on site through our Instagram Stories.

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Skull he skull of an elderly woman (age 60+) who ended life in brutal manners at the first half of the 14th century. A cut mark stretching from ear to ear and a hole on top of the skull might indicate decapitation, and later impaling. Found during excavation of a medieval churchyard in Oslo Old Town, at the Follo Line Project. Photo: Sara Langvik Berge/NIKU.
Beads Medieval glass and carnelian beads of different color, style and sizes, found at the Follo Line Project in Oslo Old Town. The smallest bead measures only 0.2 cm in diameter. Photo: Sara Langvik Berge/NIKU.
Key Copper alloy push key, found in a bone pit in a medieval graveyard in Oslo old town. The key would have been pushed into the lock where it would have expanded a series of springs causing the lock to open. Length: 10.5 cm. Photo: Sara Langvik Berge/NIKU
Games A dice and unfinished gaming piece made of antler. Medieval period. The gaming piece is 4,6 cm in width and the dice measures 1 cm on all sides. Found at the Follo Line Project, Oslo Old Town. Photo: Sara Langvik Berge/NIKU
Alsengemme Glass Alsengemme type III, showing four engraved figures underneath a cross. The scene most likely shows the Three Wise Men worshiping Crist, and was meant to protect pilgrims from danger. Place of origin is believed to be Köln, where the Three Wise Men’s relics came to in 1164. Diameter: 2,5 cm. This Alsengemme was found in a grave at the Follo Line Project in Oslo Old Town. Photo: Sara Langvik Berge/NIKU