Karen Mengshoel

  • Malerikonservator —
  • Paintings Conservator

Phonenumber: 23355214/ 41518639

E-mail: karen.mengshoel@niku.no

  • Conservation —
  • Konservering

Karen Mengshoel is a paintings conservator at NIKU.

Her main areas of interest are investigations, condition assessment and conservation of painted surfaces on panel and canvas.

She has previously worked at The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (2007), The Munch/Stenersen Museum (2007-2008), and at the University of Oslo, where she carried out analyses, documentation and conservation treatment on the Aula frieze by Edvard Munch (2008-2011).

Mengshoel has a BA in Cultural- and Social studies, and completed her MA in paintings conservation from The University of Oslo with an internship at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva.

Selected publications from Cristin: