Christina Spaarschuh

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  • Malerikonservator —
  • Paintings Conservator —
  • Researcher

Phonenumber: 47994790


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  • Konservering

Christina Spaarschuh works as a paintings conservator at Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research and holds a Diploma-degree in conservation, art technology and conservation science from the Technical University in Munich. Her main field of work includes condition surveys; conservation and restoration work on paintings on canvas or wood.

Spaarschuh has broad experience with the conservation of large scale paintings such as Kai Fjell’s monumental decorations at the former Oslo airport in Fornebu, but also church art from the renaissance and baroque periods. In recent years she has been engaged in projects related to public art management. Currently she is working on a research project on “The Use and Preservation of Public Art in Oslo’s Schools” which connects her background as a conservator with perspectives within cultural heritage management, cultural politics and art mediation. She also has experience with x-radiography of artworks.

Spaarschuh previously worked as a freelancer in the field of paintings and polychrome sculpture conservation in Munich, Germany.

Selected publications from Cristin: