IKU har et kontor med i Trondheim med flere erfarne arkeologer.


The Norwegian institute for Cultural Heritage Research has an office in Trondheim with several experienced archaeologists.

NIKU’s office in Trondheim is responsible for archaeological projects (rescue archaeology) in the medieval city. We also take on other assignments in the field of cultural heritage, whether it concerns surveillance, registration, documentation and surveying or planning.

The office, situated together with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, is located in Købmannsgata 1b near the Nidaros Cathedral.

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NIKU District Office Trondheim

Kjøpmannsgt. 1b


Phone: +47 47306529/  +47 92 26 67 79 / +47 40 49 44 15


Audun Berg Selfjord

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More archaeology in Trondheim

When archaeologists in the autumn of 2016 found what is probably the remains of the church of St. Clement, it was a small sensation. The finding was made in Søndre gate in Trondheim city center, and in February this year, the archaeological investigations continued.