Ruins and conservation

Ruins are an important part of Norwegian cultural heritage. There are special challenges in order to preserve them in the best possible way.

Most ruins are exposed to the forces of nature. They have a long history in terms of use and preservation and were often previously conserved with various materials. Therefore, ruins are often a combination of original and newer materials.



Ruin conservation often entails documenting what was originally there and finding reasons for and consequences of previous restorations. Necessary measures must be taken without impairing the authenticity of the ruin.

These measures can vary from cautious repair of lime mortar, to full coverage or construction of a protective structure, depending on climate conditions and factors of natural decay.



Cultural treasures

Ruins have their own history. They are the result of the different political, economical and social processes of the past. They are important cultural relics that should be conveyed and adapted for the public.

NIKU offers archival studies, archaeological building inspections, documentation/surveys, condition analysis, damage assessment and suggestions for precautionary measures.


Documentation and surveys are carried out both manually and digitally through scanning or image based modeling.


Halsnøy AbbeyRuins at Halsnøy Abbey
Halsnøy Abbey Ruins at Halsnøy Abbey
Regin Meyer

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