Murals and mosaics

NIKU conserves and restores all forms of wall paintings such as frescos, distemper décor, oil based murals and modern wall paintings, as well as mosaics.

Frescos, wall distemper decor, modern murals or mosaics are all tied to the buildings in which they stand. Therefore, all treatment must assessed with the condition of the building and its function in mind. This requires special competency, which NIKU can provide.

We combine knowledge of traditional and modern material use with advanced methodology and technology. In this manner we are able to maintain murals and suggest preservation or damage prevention measures. We offer condition assessments and treatment of projects both large and small, as well as further maintenance consultation.

Are there remnants of wall or ceiling décor in your building?   NIKU has the expertise to examine the decor, chart treatment proposals and carry out the restoration work.

We also conduct salvage rescue projects and damage repairs from fire, flooding, etc.

NIKU’s conservators are all members of the Nordic Conservator Association (NKF-N) and follow the professional standards of the association.



Det finnes minst 44 steinkirker fra middelalderen i Norge som har bevart rester av kalkmalerier. NIKU har gjennom 20 år hatt konserveringsprosjekter knyttet til kalkmaleriene og har bred kunnskap om disse nasjonale skattene.
Old Moster Churchthere are around 50 stone churches from the Middle Ages in Norway that have preserved mural remnants. Over a 20 year span, NIKU has had conservation projects connected to murals and has broad knowledge of these national treasures.
Freskobrødrene etterlot i første halvdel av1900-tallet flere store fresker i både kirker, skoler og andre offentlige bygg, blant dem, og trolig mest kjent: veggmaleriene i Oslo rådhus.
Restoration in Oslo City HallThe ‘Fresco Brothers’ made a number of large frescos in both churches, schools and other public buildings during the first half of the 1900’s. The most well-known of these are the murals at Oslo City hall.
Susanne Kaun

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Susanne Kaun is a conservator with expertise in examining, conservation and restoration of wall paintings and architectural surfaces.



Her finner du eksempler på noen prosjekter NIKU har hatt på muralmaleri og mosaikk