Churches: value assessment, analysis and management

NIKU offers value-, condition- and damage assessment of church buildings, interiors and furnishings. We conduct management planning and give advice about usage and restorations.

Churches form the largest group of protected heritage buildings in Norway.

We have a total of more than 1600 churches. Of these, 60 % are either heritage listed or listed as preservation-worthy. All churches, whether preserved or not, are a focal point of Norwegian architectural and art history and are of value both locally and nationally.

Value assessment of churches

Between 2014-2016, NIKU was commissioned by the Norwegian Association for Church Employers (KA) and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage to conduct church value assessment.

In 2017, KA wished to raise awareness of the value of all churches, regardless of their preservation status.

NIKU also has extensive experience with conservation and preservation of church art. 

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