Kvinnherad kirke

Kvinnherad church from 1255. Photo: Kirkesøk

NIKU provides national expertise in church and monastic archaeology.

We have researchers and technicians in fields such as archaeology, art history, liturgy, architecture, church history, engineering, osteoloarchaeology and conservation which carry out analysis and research of these sites.

As far as archaeology is concerned, NIKU has participated in numerous projects involving planning and carrying out archaeological investigations of medieval churches and cemeteries.

Using high-tech equipment we have been able to quickly and accurately record both standing brickwork as well as structures concealed beneath the surface.

Church ruins and disused cemeteries from the Middle Ages are regularly found due to building and renovation projects.

Today’s modern cities – Oslo, Sarpsborg, Tønsberg, Skien, Bergen and Trondheim – were towns in the Middle Ages, and a large number of churches and monasteries were built here.

These buildings were central in the daily lives of medieval people, and it is therefore important to investigate and record these sites in a proper, professional manner.