Thomas Ragazzon

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Phonenumber: 936 32 208


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Thomas Ragazzon Smestad is a painting and mural conservator and member of the Norwegian section of the Nordic Conservator Association (NKF-N). Thomas extensive experience with expertise in conservation of wall paintings, modern murals, historic buildings, historic painted surfaces, interior decorations, and color research.

Thomas Ragazzon Smestad is a trained painting conservator with a master’s degree from the University of Oslo. He also has a three-year education from the Instituto per l’Arte e il Restauro in Florence, where he studied the preservation and restoration of frescoes as well as other types of murals and wall decoration techniques.

In Italy, he has among other worked with the frescoes in “Paradiso degli Alberti”, the frescoes at the “Istituto Geografico Militare” and the outdoor fresco paintings in the Basilico di Santo Spirito.

In 2012 Thomas started his own conservation company “Oslo Konserveringsatelier.” During this period Thomas has been project manager for several larger and smaller conservation projects throughout Norway. Important client for the atelier has been Emanuel Vigeland Museum, the Defense Museum, Henie Onstad Art Center and the The Stenersen Collection.

From 2017-2019 Thomas has been working for “The National Museum of Norway” with conservation of the paintings collection as preparation for moving the collection to a new museum building.

Since 2019 Thomas has been working as a senior conservator for “The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.” Thomas has been project manager for several larger projects such as the “Oval Room” by Johan Fredrik Eckersberg in the British embassy, “The Bird Room” at the Royal castle by Johannes Flintoe. Lately Thomas have been working on the Picasso mural decorations in the Goverments Quarter in Oslo, the fresco paintings by Per Krogh in “Oslo Lysverker,” and with Aage Storsteins kubist decoration on the pillars in Tordenskioldsgate 12 in Oslo.