Marte Boro

  • Senior Adviser

Phonenumber: 45338391


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Marte Boro is an architect educated at The Oslo school of Architecture and Design and has worked in public management for cultural heritage for several years. From 2010 – 2022 she worked at The Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway (Riksantikvaren) with responsibility for the development of the field climate and cultural heritage. She has worked several years at Cultural Heritage Management office (Byantikvaren) in Oslo Municipality, from 2005 – 2010 as head of the office.

Working at Riksantikvaren, her main task was development of knowledge related to adaptation to the changing climate and mitigation to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Marte also led the development of the CEN standard: Conservation of cultural heritage – Guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings FprEN 16883 and was the co-leder of Adapt Northern Heritage, a project developing guidance for developing a risk and vulnerability assessment method for historic places and climate change and associated guidance for their adaptation.

In addition, Marte has prepared a guide for house owners for increasing energy performance, contributed to Riksantikvarens climate strategy for management of cultural heritage, and guidance to The Planning and Building act and Regulations on technical requirements for construction works for cultural heritage.

Marte is a member of EUs expert group Strengthening Cultural Heritage Resilience for Climate Change.