Linn Solheim

Linn Solheim

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  • Paintings Conservator

Phonenumber: +47 970 71 074


  • Conservation

Linn Solheim works as a paintings conservator at NIKU. She graduated from the master studies in paintings conservation at the University of Oslo in 2010, and did her internship at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge.

Since then, she has worked as a paintings conservator at the Munch Museum in Oslo (2010-2020) with the responsibility for condition checking, loans and practical conservation of the paintings belonging to the Munch- and Stenersen collections. Linn was the appointed project leader for the conservation, packing and move of the Stenersen collections in 2014, and the coordinator for the conservation of the Munch paintings before the move of the Munch Museum in 2020. She has also run her own private studio, “Konservatorene”, for ten years.

At NIKU, Linn works with the conservation of canvas paintings, polychrome sculptures, panel paintings and church art. She also has expertise on the condition checking and the conservation of modern art, art courier travels and condition checking painting for loans, collection management, the move of collections and preventive conservation.