Kristoffer Brink

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog —
  • Excavation Manager

Phonenumber: +47 902 77 352


  • Digital Archaeology —
  • Digital arkeologi

Kristoffer Brink is an archaeologist and has worked at NIKU since 2016.

Kristoffers field of expertise is archeological documentaton and 3D visualisations. One of his major projects in this area has been the 3D visualisation on the EU project “Keys to Rome”.

Brink has excavation experience from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and many of these excavations have been in urban settings with complex stratigraphy. In the Søndre gate/St. Clement’s Church excavations in Trondheim he worked as field supervisor (GIS).

Brink is particularly interested in technology, both in terms of how technology can help on excavations, and how technology spread between different areas in history.

He was educated at Lund University and has an MA in historical archaeology.

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