Kjetil Bortheim

  • Archaeologist —
  • Field Archaeologist

Phonenumber: +47 416 81 921

E-mail: kjetil.bortheim@niku.no

  • Archaeology

Kjetil Bortheim is an archaeologist with an MA degree from the University of Oslo. He is currently working on the finds from NIKUs excavations along the Follo Line Project.

Previous experience includes archaeological excavations in Oslo with the Norwegian Maritime Museum, as well as excavations with the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger and the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. He has also been part of research projects in Turkey and Syria through the Universities of Oslo and Bergen, respectively.

Besides archaeology, Bortheim has studied Christianity and the Arabic language. His academic interests include trade patterns and religious relations in the outskirts of the Roman Empire, especially in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. In the field, he takes a special interest in digital documentation, mapping and 3D imaging.

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