Einar Eythorsson

Einar Eythórsson

  • Researcher —
  • Social scientist

Phonenumber: 40466831

E-mail: einar.eythorsson@niku.no

  • High North

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Einar Eythórsson is a senior researcher at the High North Department in Tromsø. He has a Dr. Polit in planning and community studies from the University of Tromsø, and has worked as a researcher at NIKU since 2008. His research profile is: Economic adaptations, resource harvesting, land- and resource rights and traditional ecological knowledge in coastal Sami areas. Management systems for renewable natural resources and landscapes in the North Atlantic and the Arctic; fisheries and aquaculture; and wildlife management with focus on impact of wildfowl grazing on agricultural crops. Cross-disciplinary approaches to ecological change and ecosystem services.

He has experience as a project manager of several large research and analysis projects, such as Fjord Ecosystems – Sami Communities: Local Ecological Knowledge and Socio-Ecological History (NRC 2008-2011), and expert assessments on land use and traditional rights on previously state-owned land in Finnmark (Finnmark Commission 2009-2011). He is engaged in several multi-disciplinary research projects at the FRAM – High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment, and has conducted impact assessments for interventions in Sami settlement areas.

Eythórsson has previously worked as a researcher at Finnmark College, the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Rural Research (NIBR), the Northern Research Institute and Tromsø University Museum.