Ann Kathrin Jantsch

  • Archaeologist —
  • Arkeolog —
  • Office Manager

Phonenumber: 93666200


  • Archaeology

Ann Kathrin Jantsch is an archaeologist who specialises in osteoarchaeology (skeletal analysis); she is the Office Manager at NIKU’s regional office in Trondheim, where she started in June 2016.

She has a cand. philol. (second cycle) degree and was educated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Lund University. Her dissertation was on skeletal remains from the colonial era in Argentina.

Ann Kathrin has accumulated extensive experience in cultural heritage conservation, in the spheres of management, planning, development, signage and maintenance, field work, exhibition and dissemination She has been involved in small and large projects on both national and international levels and has extensive experience with control registration for the county authorities. In recent years, she has worked on cultural heritage conservation at the municipal level, for example she was involved in the development of a municipal sector plan for cultural heritage sites and environments.

Her fields of interest include the protection and use of cultural heritage, development and value creation, increasing knowledge about cultural heritage in the government administration , tombs from more recent eras and issues pertaining to tithing. She has published papers on human skeletal remains and burial customs.

At NIKU she works as a consultant on the coordination, planning and implementation of archaeological research in surveillance, excavation and environmental monitoring projects.